We are excited to announce the details of our upcoming exhibit!  This event is a multi-media presentation of oral history projects featuring the stories of three different communities and places.

This exhibit features topics ranging from the audiovisual narratives from Central Park North neighborhood, the life histories of Iranian Americans, and stories of Lao Mien guerilla soldiers who fought on the American side during the Vietnam War. This interactive exhibit is an innovative and artistic interpretation of oral history collections created by three Oral HIstory Master of Arts students at Columbia University.


This event is co-sponsored by the Columbia Center for Oral History and is part of the “Paul F. Lazersfeld Lecture Series”.  It is also sponsored by the Arts Initiative at Columbia University.  The funding is made possible through a generous gift from the Gatsby Charitable Foundation.

This event is open to the public from 4 to 9 pm.  Reception and remarks start at 7 pm.  An afterparty follows.  We hope to see you there!

“There is No There There”
Friday, May 17th | 4-9pm | Reception at 7pm

Ran Tea House (website)
269 Kent Ave, Brooklyn, NY

Featuring works by Sewon Chung, Kyana Moghadam, Maye Saephanh

*All promotional materials designed by Alina Vongsamart.